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Student Aspirations and L.L. Bean Grants

Dede Bennell
Outreach Coordinator

Freeport High School establishes and facilitates ongoing partnerships that will advocate and plan for higher personal expectations, improved personal and academic performance, and a broadened sense of career, education, and life choices for our students. We currently achieve this mission through extended learning opportunities: job shadows, internships, pre-apprenticeships, and independent research projects as well as service learning, career fairs, guest speakers, a school based mentoring program, and community outreach. L.L. Bean generously funds a grant for RSU5 which provides team building and outdoor adventure opportunities for grades 9-12 at the Outdoor Discovery Center.


Freeport High School Mentoring Program brings together outside adults in the community to meet regularly with a student who may be disengaged, struggling academically and/or socially, and can benefit from a trusting and positive connection with a caring adult.

- Mentorship in high school has the power to impact the course of students' academic and personal life trajectories.

- Positive human connection built in trust with at least one caring adult can have tremendous benefits for the student: reduce dropout rates, bullying and improve social emotional capacities.

- Studies show that behavior, relationships and attitudes improve when a student has an adult mentor.