MLS-3rd Graders Greet One Another During Morning Meeting MLS-4th Grade Teaching Team Doing Collaborative Planning MLS-5th Grade Students Carry Gear to Campsites at Chewonki MLS-5th Graders Take on a Team Challenge at Chewonki MLS-The Math Team takes 1st Place MLS MLS students at Wolfe's Neck Center farm school. Fifth graders set up tents at Chewonki's Outdoor Classroom. Mrs. Chase shares one of her favorite books with students.

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We believe in teaching the whole child. We value students for who they are and strive to give children different opportunities to shine.  We believe the optimal learning environment is one in which parents, educators and students work together to meet each child’s needs.  As educators, we inspire students to reach their fullest potential by fostering different learning styles and exploring multiple pathways to grow.

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