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Bus Routes


2021-2022 Bus Routes RSU. No 5


Please allow ten to fifteen minutes before scheduled pick up time to allow drivers to become familiar with all stops. Times are approximate and may need to be adjusted as the school year progresses

The 2021-2022 school year begins  August 30th first student day Pre-K to Grade 9

August 31 All Pre-K to grade 12 students  


Please direct questions to the Director of Transportation at 865-0928 ext. 226

Freeport Middle School day begins at 7:40 AM and ends at 2:20 Pm each day

Freeport High School begins at 7:50 am and ends at 2:30 pm each day

Mast Landing School starts at 8:45 am and ends at 3:25 pm

Morse Street School begins at 8:35 am and ends at 3:15 pm

Pownal Elementary begins at 8:35 am and ends at 3:15 pm each day and

Durham Community School starts the day at 8:35 am and ends at 3:15 pm


Blue Run High School: T Beaulieu  12  

Corner of Sand Hill & Old Brunswick 6:40 to Ross Rd & Quaker Meeting House 6:45 Meadow Rd to Shiloh Rd 6:50 to Shiloh to Deervale 6:55 to corner of Shiloh & Leighton Rd 6:55 to Pinkham Brook at Soper Rd 7:00 to Quaker Ridge 7:02 to Collins Way 7:05 along Pinkham Brook into Freeport High School    

Green Run High School: K Sylvester 17

  Stackpole Rd 6:45 to Auburn Pownal Rd 6:50 to Runaround Pond Rd 6:55 to Rangdale 6:55 to Chesley Hill Rd 7:00 to Hallowell Rd to Brown Rd 7:05 to Rt 136 to Freeport High School to Freeport Middle School

Orange Run High School: P Allard 19

Mill Pond 6:30 to Newell Brook to Hunter Hill 6:33 to Cedar Pond Rd & Newell Brook 6:36 to Country Acres 6:40 to Pinkham Brook to Corner Day Rd and Shiloh 6:45 to Meadow Rd to Swamp Rd 6:50 to Plummer Mill 7: 00 to Harlie Woods 7:02 to Royalsborough Rd 7:04 to Brown Rd to Freeport High School

Yellow Run High School: H Kelly 16

Start at Royalsborough Rd (Rt 136) 6:30 to Snow Rd 6:32 to left Stackpole Rd 6:35 to Stackpole at Cloutier Rd 6:31 to Left onto Bowie Hill 6:40 to left onto Davis Rd 6:45 to Woodland 6:48 to Peter Vier 6:50 Right onto Rt 136 to right onto Hallowell Rd 6:55 to corner of Patriot Way, Timber Oak, Pine Knoll, 6:57 onto Rabbit Rd 7:00 to Rt 136 (Royalsborough Rd) to Freeport High School



Blue High School Run PM 12

leave high school at 2:35 pm go to Quaker meeting House at the corner of Rt 125 and Durham Rd meet Yellow Bus (see yellow bus below) after dropping yellow bus students to yellow bus go to meadow Rd via Quaker meeting House Rd. continue to drop off students on Meadow Rd to Rt 136 Pinkham Brook Rd. go to Shiloh Rd drop students on Shiloh Deervale to Pass Brook turn around go to Leighton Rd to Soper Rd to Swamp Rd drop off students turn Left onto Plummer Mill Rd drop off students to end of Plummer Mill go to DCS 

Yellow High School Run PM 16

Meet Blue bus at Quaker meeting House take students for the following stops: Take right onto Rt 125 Pinkham Brook Rd stops along 125 to Quaker Ridge Rd to Puritan Ln to stops continue on Rt 125 to Day Rd continue onto Newell Brook to Cedar Pond Rd to Aurora Dr to Country Acres to Cedar Pond to Country lane, Turn around back to Newell Brook Rd to Hunter Hill to DCS

Orange High School Run PM 19

Leave High School at 2:35 go to Brown Rd, Stops on Brown Rd to Hallowell Rd, right onto Hallowell Rd stops on Hallowell Rd to Runaround pond Rd. left onto Runaround Pond Rd to Davis Rd MEET PINK BUS AT CORNER OF DAVIS AND RUNAROUND POND RD.  Drop pink student off to pink bus then continue on Davis dropping off students to Bowie Hill Rd left onto Bowie Hill Rd drops on bowie Hill Rd to Stackpole Rd right onto Stackpole rd stops on Stackpole Rd to Rt 136 to Snow rd to DCS

Pink High School Run PM 14

Meet Orange bus at the corner of Davis rd and Runaround Pond Rd. take students from orange bus for the following stops: Take right onto Runaround pond rd stops along way to Rangdale Rd continue stops along way to Lawrence Rd right onto Lawrence Rd to Auburn Pownal Rd  to New Gloucester Rd to Stackpole Rd right onto Stackpole Rd stops along way to Bowie Hill Rd right onto Bowie Hill (no stops on Bowie Hill Rd see orange bus) to Left onto Davis Rd stops along davis Rd to 136 right onto Rt 136 to DCS 

Red High School Run PM 13

Leave high school at 2:35 to Pinkham Brook Rd stops along the way at collins Way to Left onto Quakermeeting house Rd to Ross Rd turn Around go to Old Brunswick Rd to Wires Hill Rd continue to stops along Old Brunswick Rd to Sand Hill Dr to Mill Pond to DCS 

Green High School Run PM 17

Leave high school at 2:35 pm go to Royalsborough Rd begin dropping students on  Royalsborough Rd after passing Brown Rd. stops along Royalsborough Rd to Rabbit rd left onto Rabbit Rd stops along Rabbit Rd to Hallowell Rd to Rt 136 right onto 136 stops along the way to public works turn around go to DCS



Bus 35 High and Middle: J Freeman

Pine St. to Deerfield Rd 6:56 to Desert Rd 7:00 to Merrill Rd 7:05 to Verrill Rd 7:08 to Corner of Murch and Pownal Rd 7:12 to Pownal Rd towards town to Breezy Acres 7:18 to corner of Pownal Rd and Rt. 136 7:20 to Freeport High School to Freeport Middle School   

Bus 33 High and Middle: R Vachon

Us Rt. 1 South 6:50 to Old So Freeport Rd 6:53 to Lambert Rd 6:55 to Redding Ln 7:00 to Foggs Point 7:05 Corner Balsam Ln & Spar Cove 7:07 to Arnold and Spar Cove       to So. Freeport Rd to Cheehawk 7:08 to South Village 7:09 Cushing Briggs 7:12 to Cove Rd 7:15 to Bartol Island Rd 7:18 to Lower Mast Landing 7:20 to Freeport High School to Freeport Middle School

Bus 36 High and Middle: W Libby

Statler Dr 6:40 Bragdon Rd 6:44 to Curtis Rd 6:55 to Wardtown to Grant Rd 7:00 Grant Rd 7:04 to corner Brown & Durham Rd 7:05 to Bowden 7:08 to Bailey Farm Rd 7:10 to Crown Ct 7:12 to Beech Hill 7:14 to Ten Penny 715 to Picnic Hill 7:17 to Bishops Farm Rd & Roos Hill 7:20 to Freeport Middle School to Freeport High School  

Bus 10 High and Middle: TBA

Hunter Rd 6:50 to Webster Rd 6:53 to Lindy Ln 6:54 to Joseph Dr 6:55 to Tidal Brook 7:00 to Becks and Old County 7:01 to Sequoia 7:04 to Norton Farm 7:07 to Old County ext. 7:12 to Varney Square 7:15 To Independence Dr 7:16 Sam’s 7:20 to Freeport High School to Freeport Middle School

Bus 18 High and Middle: J Arsenault   

US RT 1 North 6:48 Fernald & Prout 6:50 to Allen Range Rd 6:57 to Old Brunswick Rd 7:00 to Jameson’s Way 7:01 to Marquis Rd 7:09 to Frederick 7:10 to Windsor Post 7:15 to Kelsey Ridge 7:16 to Indian Ridge 7:17 to Upper Mast Landing Rd 7:20 to Frost Brook 7:23 to Kendall Ln.7:29 Freeport Middle School to Freeport High School  

Bus 21 High and Middle: B Anderson                 

Mann Rd 6:25 to Wolfs neck Rd & Burnett Rd 6:30 to Lower Flying Point 6:35 to Corner of Byram & Lower Flying Point 6:40 to Fiddlehead Ln 6:43 to Atlantic Way 6:50 to Flying Point to Fiddlehead Ln 6:52 turn at town line to Old Flying Point Rd 6:58 Litchfield Rd 7:00 turn around to Carriage Rd 7:10 to Pettengill 7:12 to Old Mast Landing 7:13 to Bow St to South St 7:18 to Cottage St 7:20 to Freeport High School to Freeport Middle School

Bus 28 High and Middle: D Perow     

 Squirrel Ln 6:50 to North Freeport Store, 6:52 to Keystone turnaround 6:55 Lemon Lane & Reeves Lane,7:03 to Buttercup and Ware Rd 7:06 To Ledgewood & Baker, 7:08 Baker Road 7:15 at Turn around to corner of Baker and Wardtown Rd 7:20 Griffin Road to Durham Rd 7:22 to Richards Lane and True Street 7:23 to Freeport Middle School to Freeport High School


Bus 11 High and Middle K Sylvain 

Brown Rd 6:25 Hallowell Rd 6:30 to Royal Rd 6:43 to Hodsdon Rd 6:57 to Merrill Rd 6:59 to Verrill Rd 7:00 to Tuttle Rd 7:03 to Libby Rd 7:05 to Poland Range Rd 7:10 Adams Way and Glenview 7:13 to Freeport Middle School & Freeport High School

Bus 31 High and Middle N Randall

Loring Lane 6:25 Lower Lawrence Rd 6:30 to Elmwood Rd 6:40 to Allen Rd 6:42 to Chadsey Rd 6:50 back to Allen Rd 6:55 to Fickett 7:00 to Auburn Pownal Rd 7:05 to Upper Lawrence Rd 7:08 right to Upper Minot new stop on corner on Tryon Rd 7:10 to left onto Upper Lawrence Rd 7:12 to Elmwood Rd to PES to Elmwood stops on way to Freeport Middle School 7:28 to Freeport High School 7:33  



Durham Elementary Blue T. Beaulieu

Newell Brook 7:50 am to Cedar Pond 7:55 to Country Lane 7:58 to Newell Brook 7:59 to Country Acres 8:00 to Aurora Dr 8:02 to Newell Brook to Brickyard Hill 8:05 to Newell Brook to Pinkham Brook to Day Rd 8:10 to Pinkham Brook   to Durham Community School

Durham Elementary Green K Sylvester 

Hallowell Rd to Runaround Pond Rd to Davis Rd 7:55 to Stackpole Rd 8:00 to Auburn Pownal Rd 8:05 to Victory Lane 8:07 turn around to Runaround Pond Rd 8:12 to Rangdale 8:15 to Davis Rd to Chesley Hill Rd 8:25 Hallowell Rd to Brianna Dr 8:30 to Durham Community School

Durham Elementary Orange P. Allard

Royalsborough Rd 7:45 to Pound Rd 7:46 to Reed Rd 7:53 to Dewitt Hill Rd 7:59 to Penny Ln 8:02 to Range Rd 8:03 to Grant Rd 8:07 to Brown Rd 8:15 to Mountainside Day Care 8:20 to Big Skye Acres 8:23 To Durham Community School

Durham Elementary Pink K. Giles

Plummer Mill Rd 7:45 to Harlie Woods 7:50 to Brookside Dr 7:55 to Meadow Rd 8:05 to Beaver Woods 8:07 to Quakermeeting House Rd 8:15 to Rabbit Rd 8:20 to Hallowell Rd 8:25 to Durham Community School

Durham Elementary Purple M. Fournier

Evergreen Ln 7:45 to Meadow Rd left to Pinkham Brook 7:50 to Shiloh Rd 7:55 to Deervale Rd 8:00 to Pass Brook Rd 8:05 to Leighton Rd 8:06 to Swamp Rd 8:12 to Newell Brook Rd 8:18 to Ada & Hunter Hill 8:20 to Mill Pond 8:23 to Patriot Way 8:27 to Durham Community School

Durham Elementary Red H Curtis 

 Rt 125 at corner of Soper Rd  8:05 to Left onto Pinkham Brook Rd to Durham Rd 8:10 Collins Way 8:12 to Pinkham Brook Rd 8:13 to Freeport Town Line to Quaker Meeting House Rd to Old Brunswick Rd 8:20 to Sand Hill Rd to 8:25 Durham Community School

Durham Elementary Yellow H Kelly

Rt. 136 From School to Snow Road 7:40 turn around on Snow Rd left onto Rt. 136 to rifle range turn around 7:50, to right onto Stackpole Rd to Cloutier 7:55 to Bowie Hill 8:00 to Left onto Davis 8:05 to left onto Woodland 8:10 turn around to corner of Peter Vier and Davis 8:20 to Royalsborough Rd to Durham Community School



Bus 35 Elementary J Freeman

7:42 So Freeport Rd to So Freeport to Church St. to Pine St 7:50 to Desert Rd to 8:00 Estes Dr 8:06 to corner of Merrill & Hunter Rd 8:08 Bears Run turnaround to Murch Rd 8:10 to Pownal Rd to Marvin Way 8:10 to Pownal Rd turn around 8:13 to Pownal Rd towards Freeport 8:15 to Elm Street 8:20 to Mast Landing to Morse Street School

Bus 33 Elementary R Vachon

 Bartol Island Rd 7:50 to Cove Rd 7:51 to Randall Rd 7:53 to Vin Mar 7:53 to Talbot to First Steps 7:57 turn on Park St to Middle St back onto South Freeport Rd  to Cheehawk 8:00 to Fogg’s Point 8:05 to Emu 8:08 Arnold Rd & Spar Cove 8:10 to Balsam & Spar Cove 8:13 to Lambert Rd 8:15 to YMCA to Morse Street School to Mast Landing School 

Bus 36 Elementary: W Libby

Durham Rd at Porters Lane 7:35 to Bailey Farm Rd 7:37 to Bragdon Rd 7:40 to LaJoie Dr 7:41 to Dodge Estates 7:42 to Curtis Rd 7:45 to Red Brook Ln 7:46 to Grant Rd 7:50 to Poland Rd 7:55 to Adams Way 7:56 to Beech Hill 8:00 to Roos Hill 8:08 to East St to School St. to Morse Street School to Mast Landing School 

Bus 10 Elementary: TBA 

Hunter Rd 7:50 Farm View Ln to Jeffery Dr 7:51 to Dune Dr 7:54 to Webster Rd to Todd Brook 7:58 to Sequoia 8:00 to Young’s Ln 8:02 to Granite St & Norton Farm 8:08  to Old County Rd 8:10 to Unity Ln 8:15 to Chase Ct 8:16 to Lower Main St at Village View  8:18 to Cottage & West 8:20 to South St 8:21 to Morse Street School to Mast Landing School 

Bus 18 Elementary: J Arsenault

US RT 1 North 7:45 to Fernald 7:47 to Prout Rd 7:50 to Woodchuck 7:54 to US Rt 1 to Allen Range Rd 8:00 to Old Brunswick Rd 8:03 to Pleasant Hill Rd 8:10 to Marquis 8:11 to Baldwin 8:13 to Windsor Post 8:15 to Upper Mast Landing 8:18 to Maple Ave 8:22 to Morse Street School to Mast Landing School 

Bus 21 Elementary:  B Anderson

Cranberry Ridge Rd 7:35 to Birch Point Rd 7:37 to Burnett Rd to lower Flying Point Rd 7:40 to Byram Ave 7:42 to Maquoit Rd 7:43 to Brickyard Cove 7:44 to Tumblers Hill 7:45 to Osprey Cove Rd 7:47 to Arrowhead Ridge Rd 7:50 to Firefly 7:51 to Atlantic Way 7:54 to Fiddlehead Ln 7:57 to Old Flying Point Rd 8:00 to Litchfield Rd 8:03 to Vickerson Hill 8:06 to Carriage Rd 8:13 to Old Mast Landing 8:14 Bow Street stops 8:15 to Morse Street School to Mast Landing School 

Bus 28 Elementary: D Perow 

Wardtown to Store, 7:42 to Lunt Rd 7:46 to Wardtown Right to turn around at Keystone, 7:50 Tranquil Lane, 7:51 to Lemon Lane, 7:53 to Reeves Lane, Blackberry Lane, Autumn Lane, Hill Farm Road, 7:58 Buttercup & Tulip 7:59 Circle Drive, 8:00 to Ledgewood Ln 8:03 Baker to turnaround, 8:10 to Griffin Road, 8:20 Richards Lane and true Streets.8:22 to Morse Street School to Mast Landing School 



Pownal Bus 11 K Sylvain

Hallowell Rd 7:40 to Poland Range Rd 7:45 Brown Rd 7:55 to Poland Range Rd 8:05 to Libby Rd 8:10 to Tuttle Rd and Beech Hill to turn around to 8:13 to Verrill Rd to Elmwood Rd 8:15 to 8:25 at Pownal Elementary School

Pownal Bus 34 P Gillis  

7:45 to Right onto Lawrence Rd to 7:49 Upper Minot Rd to 7:55 Tryon Rd to 8:00 Fickett & Lawrence to Right onto Fickett to 8:03 Lawrence Rd to 8:05 Fickett Rd to town Line to 8:08 Allen Rd to 8:10 Chadsey Rd 8:15 to Leighton Rd to 8:20 Lawrence Rd to 8:25 Pownal Elementary School

Pownal Bus 31 N Randall  

Merrill Rd 7:55 to Hodsdon Rd to Loring Ln 8:05 to Hodsdon Rd 8:10 to Royal Rd 8:20 to Hallowell Rd 8:25 to Pownal Elementary School