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Job Descriptions

Administrators and Directors

Assistant Superintendent
Assistant Principal
Director of Instructional Support
Director of Finance and Human Resources
Director of Athletics
Director of Adult Education and Community Programs
Director of School Nutrition
Director of Technology
Director of Facilities
Director of Transportation


Board Certified Behavioral Specialist
Classroom Teacher
Teacher of English for Speakers of Other Languages
GaTE Teacher
Guidance Counselor
Instructional Strategist
Librarian/Media Specialist
Literacy Strategist
Math Strategist
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Registered School Nurse
School Psychologist
Social Worker
Special Education Coordinator
Special Education Teacher
Speech Language Pathologist

Support Staff

Administrative Secretary
Office Secretary
Printing Clerk
Bus Drivers
Field Maintenance Supervisor
Head Custodian
Maintenance Working Foreman
Maintenance Specialist
Maintenance, Fields and Grounds
Van Driver/Field Maintenance
Van Driver
Kitchen Manager Specialist 
Food Service Assistant
Educational Technician I
Educational Technician II
Educational Technician III

Classified Support Employees

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Instructional Support
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Facilities and Transportation
Adult Education Coordinator
Assistant to the Superintendent 
Childcare Coordinator
Community Programs Office Coordinator
District Computer Technician
Human Resources Coordinator
Network and Systems Administrator
Payroll/Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Recreation Coordinator
Recreation Program Supervisor

Laugh and Learn Employees

Preschool Teacher
Before and Aftercare Teacher

Classified Professional

Athletic Trainer
Data Specialist/Project Manager
Outreach Coordinator