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Dear Parents,

We are excited for the start of the school year.  Our staff has worked very hard to get ready to start school.  We have really missed having our students in the building.  This is clearly the longest email I have sent to parents, so I apologize in advance.  


The first big change is the expected arrival time for students.  We are trying to spread out the number of students entering the building at one time.  All students can arrive anytime from 7:30-7:40.  Please do not arrive prior to 7:30.  Here are our recommended drop off times to help reduce the flow through the front door: 6th Grade - 7:30-7:35, 7th Grade 7:35-7:40, 8th Grade 7:40-45.  The first day of school for the B-Day group is Tuesday, September 8th.  The first day of school for the A-day group is Wednesday, September 9th.


FMS has created this website to have all of our COVID related information in one place for parents.  FMS COVID Website  Please take the time to to read through it.


We are very happy to share with you that we are able to offer free school lunch to all students for the start of the school year.  The federal government has extended this offer to all school districts.  Any student that would like lunch from school can get it any day they want.  If you would like lunch for the days your child is at home, please let our nurses know (,


The students will all be getting their laptops the first day that they are in school.  There is some required paperwork that parents need to fill out.  It is linked to the following website.  All new parents to RSU5 and 6th grade parents (who have not previously attended a RSU5 technology night) will also need to watch the technology night video which is required by the state. 


All students' schedules are in PowerSchool.  Please check PowerSchool to see your child’s schedule. We will have printed copies of all student schedules to hand out on the first day of school.  If there are issues in your child’s schedule we will address it on Tuesday/Wednesday when they come to school.  We are trying to give ourselves the best chance of staying with in-person learning this year, so all students are in small cohort groups and will travel with their same cohort for most of the day.   We have renamed BCS (Band/chorus/study hall) to Falcon period, we really do so much more in this time at the end of the day.  French and Spanish are not listed separately, they are both officially called World Language, but in 7th and 8th-grade students will be in the language they selected, it is just called something different.   Here is the link to the recommended supply list.


Here is the Yellow day calendar for the school year.  It will not be adjusted for snow days.  It is also posted on the FMS website.


We are scheduled to start sports and clubs the second week of school.  We will provide more information next week.  Our sports will start as practices only with no scheduled games, games may be added later in the season. We will not have separate 7th and 8th grade teams, but instead a mix of 7th and 8th-grade students on A day and B days.  For example, we will have an A day 7th and 8th grade field hockey team and B day 7th and 8th-grade field hockey team.  This will be similar for soccer and cross county.  Soccer, field hockey, and cross country players will only have practices on the days they are in school.  Football was already a combined 7th and 8th-grade team and will practice in the evening.


On days your child is not in school there are at-home work expectations for all students.  The first week there will be some work sent home for students to complete.  The second week one class in each grade level will have synchronous (daily, real time) learning required for your child to log into (so most kids will have a required online class) plus their at-home work assigned from the other classes.  The goal is to have 2-3 classes per at-home day with synchronous learning for all students.  


The bus schedule is posted on the RSU5 website.  Please be out at your bus stop 10 minutes prior to pick up time the first two weeks of school as bus drivers are adjusting routes and schedules. If the bus has not come by 10 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time, please call FMS.  If you have any questions please reach out directly Dennis Ouellette ( 


This is a great time to gather all of your textbooks (missing many math books), library, and bookroom books and return them to FMS. All RSU5 libraries will happily collect library books from other RSU5 libraries and get them back to the correct locations for you. If you have any questions regarding library or bookroom books, please feel free to contact Mrs. Hooper at


The Freeport Community Library is currently open for curbside pickup and extremely limited patron traffic. Currently, FCL is not an after school option for FMS students. Please see the FCL website for more information:


There are some new teachers we would like to introduce to you.  Jona Chase is joining us from Mast Landing School as our new wellness teacher.  Senyo Ohene will be teaching advanced math, as Alex Briasco-Brin has moved to remote learning. Rodrigo Palacios will be teaching Spanish, as Amanda Robson has moved to the FMS GT position.  Nathan Walrath is a new ed tech helping our 8th grade students.


We are happy to report that the 2019-20 yearbooks have shipped and are due to arrive at FMS soon. We will be getting them out as soon as possible. 


As with most things this year, the open house will look different.  In a normal year we would have already welcomed you into our building for an open house.  This year, in lieu of an in-person open house, each team of teachers has put together an introductory video.  Please feel free to reach out to the teachers or the school at any time if you have questions. 


Principal Welcome Video

Updated Procedures 2020

UA Teacher Video

Special Ed Teacher Video

6th Grade Teacher Video

7th Grade Teacher Video

8th Grade Teacher Video


We look forward to seeing all the students next week.





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