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Honor Roll and Curriculum

      Freeport Middle School is always looking to improve our instruction.  Just like you would not want to go to a doctor that has not stayed up to date with modern best practices, we want to make sure our students are getting the best instruction possible.  Five years ago we began the process of aligning our curriculums to state and national standards, to make sure our kids are achieving at the highest level possible.  
      We look at many data points along the way to help provide feedback on our progress.  In 2013-14 we were 8.5% above the state average on required state assessments. In 2015-2017 we are 14% above the state average on the MEA.  This was good feedback to let us know we are heading in the right direction.  
     The NWEA, a national assessment for math and reading is just one of the assessments RSU5 students take. Prior to 2011 – 2013 our students met their goals at a rate of 57% (40-60%).  Once we began connecting and grading based on the new national and state standards this past year 63.5% students met their growth goals.
      Even though our standardized test scores are trending in the right direction, we still are always looking to improve. One of our major focuses this year has been to make sure there is a clear and attainable pathway to 3.5 and 4 for students that are ready for this challenge.  In looking at the trimester 1 honor roll list, it appears we are well on our way to our goal this year.  We will be dedicating PD time to this process and will continue to work on this all year long.  You will see that we now have our highest number of students ever on high honors. Our NWEA growth data also supports how well our top students are doing.  Our highest scoring students are also seeing the highest amounts of growth on the NWEA.  Please take a look at the Honor roll list, it is linked here and also is on our website.
     If you have questions about your child’s assessments or grades please talk to them or contact their teacher directly.  During trimester 2 there will be an opportunity for all students to reach a 3.5 or 4 on summative assessments.  Please take the time to ask your child to show you their assessments.  Some of their assessments are online and they can show via google classroom.  
     This year we are currently working on a new parent report, which is easier to understand your student’s progress.  Our goal is to have a progress report to you prior to February break. If you click on the report card link on the left-hand side of PowerSchool, you can see the report in progress and your child’s current grades. I have attached a sample of the progress report to this email.  You will see two overall grades for each class.  The content grade is completely based on summative assessments (tests/projects).  Habits of Work (HOW) focuses more on student skills.  Homework and classwork participation will get graded in preparedness, determination, and engagement.  Integrity and respect are HOW that can be graded, but are topics we discuss with them on and grade occasionally.
       Please feel free to contact us whenever you have questions about your child’s grades or performance.  We are always looking for feedback and ways to improve our practices.

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