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Student Activities

Last Updated: 9/18/2018 5:34 PM


Great Things are Happening at FMS!

There are multiple enrichment opportunities for students, and with so many to choose from, we have something for everyone!


Art Club - Our FMS artists gather to inspire themselves and others as they create unique works of art! Adviser: Ms. Palacios-Bubar

Coding - This club explores the skills needed to create computer software.

Drama - Join us for a winter play production. Workshops throughout the year are offered. We also host an optional 7th & 8th grade trip to New York City in the Fall to see a Broadway show! Adviser: Mrs. Hooper

Game Club - Everyone is welcome! We play board games of all types! Do you like to slay ogres, roll for hit points or discover who among the villagers might be a werewolf? Cards, dice, tokens, meeples and fun - we've got your game and we'd love to hang out with you! Adviser: Mrs. Alvarez

Interact Club - Do you like helping people?  Come check out the FMS Interact community service club. We will work on projects that help our school, local, and worldwide communities. Adviser: Mrs. Latham

Math Team - Put your math skills to the test and participate in local and national math competitions. This is available for all grade levels. Advisers: Mr. ForsterMr. GarnettMr. Briasco-Brin. 

Science Club - Mousetrap cars, pinhole cameras, and rockets are of the few 
hands on activities the club work on with guest scientiests!Adviser: Mrs. K. Brown

Space Camp - An expeditionary learning experience for 6th graders that integrates space science, astronomy, history, geography, archaeology and anthropology culminating in a adventure filled week in and around Huntsville, Alabama. Adviser: Mrs. Alvarez

Sports - Middle School Assistant Athletic Director - Jody Rose (

Table Top Gaming Club - We play board games of all different types!  Whether you love strategy, cards, casting die, or vanquishing demons into the abyss, we have something for everyone!  All grade levels are welcome.  Adviser: Mrs. Alvarez

Travel - Let's head to Canada! This club, open to 8th graders, takes an annual trip to Quebec City Memorial Day weekend to experience the culture, food, and history of this amazing city. Adviser: Madame Davis

Writer's Club - All who love to write are welcome!  Bring a writing journal, your favorite pen or pencil, your imagination, your wit, and your vision.  Adviser: Mrs. Cowperthwaite

Yearbook - Make a mark on FMS history and create the book that will tell our tale today and for years to come. Adviser: Mrs. Hooper

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