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Title I Programming

Title I has provided a source of federal funding to America’s schools since 1965 with the passage of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Title I formulas determine the funding allocation for Maine districts which is based on poverty data and demographics. This funding allows Title I schools to provide supplemental instructional services and resources to assist students in achieving local learning goals and targets.

There are two models for Title I services, targeted assistance and school-wide, under the 2015 “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA). RSU5 currently has four schools operating under a targeted assistance model.

Students who are identified receive intervention in a targeted assistance model and the intervention must be supplemental to the school’s regular education program. In order to be incompliance for operating a targeted assistance model, RSU5 must use of scientifically research based instructional practices, encourage and plan for increased parental involvement, and assign fully certified teachers to instructional settings serving eligible students.

RSU5 holds parent teachers conferences twice annually. However, conferences are held additionally when a teacher or parent request it and set up a mutually agreeable time.

The importance that parents play in accelerating the achievement of their children is recognized by RSU5. We encourage parent participation of all children in activities and conversations that extend the ability of parents to support academic opportunities and encourage involvement in their child’s learning.

Cynthia Alexander, Asst. Superintendent