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Curriculum Literacy K-5

2023-2024 Literacy K-5

                                                                                           Link: Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop


Kindergarten Literacy Curriculum



Reading Writing Phonics

We Are Readers (Book 1, 2023 Publication)

Launching Writing Workshop Book 1, 2023 Publication)


Making Friends With Letters (Book 1)

Sharing Reading (Book 2, 2023 Publication)

Show and Tell (Book 2, 2023 Publication 

Word Scientists (Book 2)

Super Powers: Reading with Phonics and Sight Word Power (Book 3, 2023 Publication)

Writing For Readers Writing Readable True Stories (Book 3, 2023 Publication) Word Part Power (Book 3)

Boosting Reading Power (Book 4, 2023 Publication)

How To Books: Writing to Teach Others (Book 3) Vowel Power (Book 4)

Becoming Avid Readers (Book 5, 2023 Publication)

Persuasive Writing: Using Words to Make a Change (Book 4, 2023 Publication) Playing with Phonics (Book 5)




First Grade Literacy Curriculum


Writing Phonics

Building Good Reading Habits (Book 1)

Small Moments (Book 1) Talking and Thinking about Letters (Book 1)

Word Detectives

If/Then Unit The Mystery of Silent e (Book 2)

Learning About the World: Reading Nonfiction (Book 2)

Non-Fiction Chapter Books (Book 2) From Tip to Tail: Reading Across Words

Readers Have Big Jobs to Do (Book 3)

Writing Reviews (Book 3) Word Builders: Using Vowel Teams to Build Big Words

Meeting Characters Learning Lessons (Book 4)

From Scenes to Series: Writing Fiction (Book4) Marvelous Bloopers: Learning Through Wise Mistakes

If/Then (Nonfiction recommended)

If/Then Unit (NF recommended) Marvelous Bloopers: Learning Through Wise Mistakes




Second Grade Literacy Curriculum
Reading Writing Phonics
Second Grade Reading Growth Spurt (Book 1) Revving Up Writing Muscles Growing into 2nd Grade Phonics (Book 1)
Growing Word Solving Muscles Lessons from the Masters (Book 1) Big Words Take Big Resolve (Book 2)
Becoming Experts: Reading Nonfiction (Book 2) The How Guide for Writing Nonfiction (Book 5) Big Words Take Big Resolve (Book 2)
Bigger Books Mean Amping Up Reading Power (Book 3) Poetry: Big Thoughts, Small Packages (Book 4)  2 week mini- unit; Word Builders (Book 3)
If/Then NF Boot Camp  If/Then Non-Fiction Writing Projects  Word Collectors (Book 4)
Series Book Clubs (Book 4) Writing About Reading (Book 3)  
If/Then unit    



Third Grade Literacy Curriculum
Reading Writing 
Building a Reading Life (Book 1) Crafting True Stories (Book 1)
Reading to Learn: Grasping Main Ideas and Text Structures (Book 2) The Art of Information Writing (Book 2)
Mystery: Foundational Skills (Book 5) Changing the World: Persuasive Speeches, Petitions, and Editorials (Book 3)
Character Studies (Book 3) Baby Lit Essay
Research Clubs: Elephants, Penguins, & Frogs (Book 4) If/Then: Writing About Research
If/Then Unit If/Then Unit



Fourth Grade Literacy Curriculum
Reading Writing
Interpreting Characters: The Heart of the Story (Book 1) UTL Narrative Writing
Reading the Weather, Reading the World (Book 2) Boxes and Bullets: Personal & Persuasive Essays (Book 2)
Details and Synthesis The Literary Essay: Writing About Fiction (Book 4)
Reading History (Book 3) Bringing History to Life (Book 3)
Historical Fiction Book Club (Book 4) The Arc of the Story: Writing Realistic Fiction (Book 1)
If/Then Unit If/Then Unit



Fifth Grade Literacy Curriculum
Reading Writing
Interpretation Book Clubs: Analyzing Themes (Book 1) Narrative Craft (Book 1)
Tackling Complexity: Moving Up Levels of Nonfiction (Book 2) If/Then (NF0
Argument & Advocacy: Researching (Book 3) The Research-Based Argument Essay (Book 4)
Fantasy Book Clubs: The Magic of Themes & Symbols (Book 4) Literary Essay: Opening Text & Seeing More (Book 5)
If/Then: History Informational Reading The Lens of History: Research Reports (Book 2)
If/Then Unit If/Then Unit



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