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Curriculum Literacy 6-8


We want our middle school students to become flexible, resilient readers who read for pleasure as well as for multiple academic purposes. We want them to have a toolkit of strategies for dealing with difficulty, and we want them to know when and how to use those strategies. Not least, we want students to read broadly and deeply, alert to the intricacies of texts and to the power of language.


Units of Study, Reading and Writing

Grade 6

Reading Writing
A Deep Study of Character  Personal Narrative: Crafting Personal Stories
Tapping the Power of Nonfiction Research-Based Information Writing
Social Issues Book Clubs Literary Essay


                    Grade 7

Reading Writing
                Character Study with Author's Craft                        Writing about Reading: From Readers Notebooks to the Companion Books
Historical Fiction Realistic Fiction Unit
Literary Non-Fiction The Art of the Argument


                    Grade 8

Reading Writing
Contemporary Classics Position Papers
Dystopian Reading Literary Essay
Essential Research Skills for Teens Journalism at DCS/ Historical Monologue

Reading: Grade 6:          

Reading: Grade 7      

Reading: Grade 8