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Sustainability Committee

In 2019 the Sustainability Advisory Committee was approved by the Board of Directors.  The Advisory Committee was charged with "inspiring a sustainability ethic or mindset in RSU5 employees, students, and departments with the intent of identifying greener opportunities for RSU5 while being fiscally responsible".  In November of 2021 the Board of Directors changed the committee from an Advisory Committee to a Committee because the work of the committee is ongoing. 

Members of the committee include:

Parents/Community Members:
Bob Stevens
Amanda Johnson
Steven Konstantino
Marie Wendt

Luciana Bourgeois 
Elizabeth Mellon 
Halle York 
Teagan Davenport 
Audrey Brogan 

Board of Directors Representatives:
Susana Hancock
Valy Steverlynck

Will Pidden, Building Administrator
Jean Skorapa, Superintendent of Schools 
Dennis Ouellette, Director of Facilities and Transportation