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Committee Definitions

Standing Committees are permanent committees established by the Board of Directors.  All standing committee meetings are open to the public. These committees facilitate district governance and address ongoing needs. All standing committees are comprised of less than a majority of the Board of Directors. Standing committees may research issues and make recommendations for Board action but may not act for the Board. The RSU5 Board of Directors has the following standing committees: finance, policy, strategic communications.

Advisory Committees perform specific functions for the Board of Directors. The committees may study particular problems or issues and make reports and/or recommendations to the Board but may not act for the Board. Each advisory committee shall have at least one Board member. An advisory committee shall automatically dissolve after the Board has received the committee’s final report or recommendations. No advisory committee shall continue for a prolonged period without a specific assignment. 

Other Committees: The superintendent may establish other committees as deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the District.