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FHS Track & Field Design Committee (Archive)



Freeport High School Track and Field Design Committee

Committee Charge:
Whereas the RSU5 Board of Directors recognizes the importance of safe, suitable facilities to support and enhance a world-class educational system, we hereby charge the Freeport High School Track and Field Design Committee (FHSTFDC) to oversee the construction of the track and field as authorized by the voters on January 10, 2017.

Decision-Making Considerations:
The FHTFDC will strive to build consensus among committee members when making recommendations to the RSU5 Board of Directors. Final authority for all decisions relating to the project rests with the RSU5 Board of Directors.

Committee Meeting Dates:
The committee will meet at 7:30 a.m. at the Freeport High School. Click here for the meeting dates. 12/18/17 UPDATE: There will be no more meetings until spring, 2018

Committee Members:
FHS Administrators
Charlie Mellon
Athletic Director
Craig Sickels
Director of Facilities
Dennis Ouellette
Parents/Community Members
John Simoneau
David Roussel
Rob Pontau
Todd Coffin
Fred Palmer
Kim LaMarre
Tom DeLois
Tim Reich
Brad Williams
John Paterson
Board of Directors Representative
Michelle Ritcheson
Superintendent of Schools
Becky Foley
Director of Finance
Michelle Lickteig