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Archives - Strategic Communications Committee

Archives - Strategic Communications Committee

Strategic Framework Documents:
The RSU No. 5 Strategic Framework is the result of nine months of joint effort between the community, district educators, and the Board of Directors to develop a forward-looking document to guide decision-making at multiple levels.  This is a living document that will change and adapt as situations warrant.  This is intended to be ambitious and bold, a necessity for the ever-changing world that our children will inherit.     

This document is the framework for the strategies this community will use to help RSU No. 5 realize the goal of educational excellence while demonstrating a greater efficiency in the use of our resources.  As you will note this plan is deliberately broad and not overly prescriptive.  Each school has designed specific and innovative strategies to meet the learning needs of their students. You will find the Strategic Framework action plans for each school listed below:

September 25, 2013 -2013-2014 Action Plan Results and Next Steps for Each School.pdf

November 28, 2012 -2012-2013 Action Plans for Each School.pdf

June 13, 2012- 2011-2012 Action Plan Reports for Each School.pdf

September 28, 2011-2011-2012 Strategic Framework Action Plans for Each School.pdf


State of the Schools Reports:

April 14, 2016
Proposed FY17 Budget & Performance Measures.pdf
March 17, 2015
2014-2015 State of the Schools Report.pdf
March 21, 2014
2013-2014 State of the Schools Report.pdf
March 27, 2013
2012-2013 State of the Schools Report.pdf
March 26, 2012
2011-2012 State of the Schools Report.pdf
RSU5 Per Pupil Expenditures Graph: (Correction of State Averages)
Additional Detailed Information

March, 2011 Update
2010-2011 State of the Schools Report (Newspaper format)Additional Detailed Information.pdf


RSU No. 5 K-12 Work and College Readiness Task Force Work Plan and Time Line.pdf