James Grant
Technology Director

Tech Dept 2018

Jim Grant, Director  -

Paula Roberts, Data Specialist Project Manager -
Lisa Hogan, FHS Technology Integerator -
Trevor Legassie, District Computer Technician -
Kyle Jackson, District Computer Technician -
Andrew Logan, District Computer Technician -


MLTI Protection Plan
MLTI Protection Plan Details
MLTI Protection Plan Letter and Form
Message about the Laptop Protection Plan

MLTI Use and Care and Parent Resources
September 10, 2013 Parent Informational Night Slides

Parent Information Meetings
Durham Community School, Freeport High School, and Freeport Middle School each host an annual parent informational meeting in the Fall. Among the topics discussed is the laptop program in grades 6 to 12. Information about these nights is sent by the school at the beginning of each school year.

RSU No. 5 Google Apps For Education
Google Apps was introduced during the 2009-2010 school year. For an overview of Google Apps services click HERE.

For the latest copy of the G Suite for Education (Online) Agreement click HERE.

Student Information System (SIS)
RSU No. 5 uses PowerSchool district wide. Please find information concerning the PowerSchool Single Sign On feature which was recently enabled. iPad and iPhone PowerSchool apps for parents, students, and teachers are available in Apple's App Store.

RSU5 Technology Plan
RSU5's Technology Plan has recently been revised. The revised Tech Plan is available in the right hand column under Documents. The District Tech Committee's web page is available HERE

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