Staff Documents & Forms

Business Office Forms

Direct Deposit Form
403b Salary Reduction Agreement
403b Annuity List
403b Information
2020 Federal W-4 Form
2020 Maine W-4 Form
2019-2020 Timesheet
2019/20 Pay Dates
2019/20 Warrant Schedule

Expenditure/Mileage Reimbursement Form 2020
Course Reimbursement Initial Request

Policy GCQCA-School Unit Employee References
Staff Injury/Accident Report - Supervisor's Report
Staff Injury/Accident Report - Employee's Incident Report

Open Enrollment Forms

District and School Documents

Suicide Screening Form

Collective Bargaining Agreements
2018-2021 Educators Agreement
2018-2020 Educational Support Professionals 

Benefits Summaries

2019-2020 Laugh and Learn Employees
2019-2020 Classified Support Employees
2019-2020 Classified Professional Employees
2019-2020 Data Project Manager

Job Descriptions

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Educator Certification

Local Credentialing Committee webpage
RSU No. 5 Local Credentialing Plan


Administrative Secretary
Office Secretary
Printing Clerk
Bus Driver / Van Driver / Custodian
Maintenance / Grounds
Head Custodian
Educational Technician
School Nutrition
Classified Support Staff
Professional Classified Employee
Principal's Professional Growth and Evaluation Handbook
Educator's Professional Growth and Evaluation Handbook

         RSU5 Guidelines for Calculating Growth for Summative Evaluation

Appendix A: Professional Practice Rubrics
Appendix B: Sample E-Portfolio
Appendix C: Professional Evaluation Summary Page and Student Growth Summary Page
Appendix D: Directed Growth Plan Template
Appendix E: List of Educators with Role Specific Rubrics and List of Educators who will not create an SLO
Appendix F: RSU5 SLO Handbook

RSU5 Peer Mentor and Support Handbook

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