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Any non-RSU5 group must provide a certificate of insurance between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000, depending upon extent and conditions of use naming RSU5 as an additional insurer. Management may consider bookings as “tentative” or “bumpable” until such proof is provided by the User.


Events using fire (including candles) or stage weapons may be required to increase the insurance certificate to a $5,000,000 limit. 


 All insurance coverage shall come from insurers licensed to do business in the state of Maine.  The intent of requiring a certificate of insurance is to absolve the Regional School Unit No. 5 from damage costs and liability claims which may result during a function not directly sponsored by the RSU No. 5.


To cover your group while they are using the school facilities, we must receive this certificate each year.  Please deliver the certificate to the FPAC Manager:


Rsu No. 5 / FPAC
17 West St.
Freeport, ME  04032
This most common form used by insurers looks like this:

Some Tips:

-Groups that produce events likely have this kind of insurance in place, so will only need to NAME us as an additional insured for the event.  Your insurance provider should be able to do this for you for free or maybe a small fee of about $25.  This will depend on the details of your policy.

-If your organization does not have insurance yet:
Most providers CAN sell you this type of insurance.  However, you may find better pricing from a provider that specializes in event insurance and/or one that targets your particular niche... so Google and shop.  Typically, an annual policy will be more cost effective than a single-event policy and the price will vary depending how many events
 (and what types) you plan to produce each year.
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