FPAC Rules & Regs

 C. Use, Maintenance, and Repair

Each use shall be restricted to the areas contracted for that use, and for the purpose

described in the use agreement.

Users* are responsible for moving equipment and personnel in and out of the FPAC in

accordance with their contracted time slots. Users are responsible for removing all

equipment, stage props, other materials and debris not belonging to the FPAC

immediately following the use of the facility unless some other prior arrangements have

been made.

KF – R1

RSU No. 5 School Department

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Clean-up costs beyond the normal cleaning covered by the standard booking agreement

necessitated by a group’s use of the FPAC will be the financial responsibility of the User.

Repairs to any FPAC property beyond normal wear and tear will be the financial

responsibility of the User. RSU5 reserves the right to determine such costs and seek

timely reimbursement from the User and/or the User’s insurer.

*Note: Groups who have booked the FPAC are hereinafter referred to as “User.

D. Technical Systems

FPAC, including all technical systems (sound, lights, etc.) must be under the control of

qualified personnel (Approved House-Tech(s)) at all times. Technical expertise required

will vary from event to event depending on the particular needs. Management will

consult with each User during the booking process to help select and schedule

appropriate House-Tech(s).

E. Safety and Use Restrictions

School authorities must have access to all places in the FPAC at all times and shall

reserve the right to revoke permission for use of the facility should such action be

deemed necessary and in the best interest of the school system and general public.

Possession, sale, consumption or distribution of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products

are prohibited.

All national and state laws, local ordinances, and rules of the police and fire departments

will be complied with.

The following activities are to be permitted only with express permission of


● Public performances to continue past 11pm.

● Any signs or posters to be hung anywhere in the FPAC including the lobby area

and on the entry-doors.

● Set construction or painting

● Altering the default settings and positions of FPAC equipment such as sound and

lighting gear.

● Affixing anything to the walls or the stage (i.e. screwed or nailed sets, posters,


KF – R1

RSU No. 5 School Department

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● The use of theatrical stage-weapons. A written safety plan for the use of theatrical

stage weapons will be required of the User in advance and approved by

Management. Management/designee must be in attendance when theatrical stage

weapons are in use. Students are prohibited from using stage weapons or

weapons of any kind (as defined in policy JICIA)

● The use of open flames (including candles) or other incendiary or other

pyrotechnic devices only in rare cases when there is no possible alternative.

Approval for any such use will require a written safety plan to be created in

advance by Management with oversight by the Freeport Fire Chief.

Management/designee must be in attendance when these devices are in use. The

User must provide a certificate of insurance in the amount of $5,000,000 naming

RSU5 as an additional insurer.

G. Insurance

Any non-RSU5 group must provide a certificate of insurance between $1,000,000 and

$3,000,000, depending upon extent and conditions of use naming RSU5 as an additional

insurer. Management may consider bookings as “tentative” or “bumpable” until such proof is provided by the User.


KF-R1-Guidelines for the Freeport Performing Arts Center


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