FPAC Priority

Because FPAC is uniquely suited for Performing Arts uses expecting large audiences, AND because it is a heavily shared space, care will be taken to evaluate each requested use for its appropriateness.  The Management maintains close integration with FHS Administration, RSU5-wide facilities booking system, and other community spaces in order to help guide any rejected FPAC use-requests to another more appropriate venue choice.

-----------------------------------excerpt from policy:

FPAC’s bookings and day-to-day operations are conducted in such a way as to attain the

maximum and highest-best usage of the facility. Management will coordinate RSU5 use

efficiently, maximizing the remaining available time to be used for community and

income-producing events.


All bookings of FPAC (The Theater, Backstage Music Room, Lobby, and Box-

Office/Concessions) will be scheduled in a way that makes FPAC available for use in the

following order of priority:

1. Freeport High School events

2. Other RSU5 School events


3. Non – RSU5 Events

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