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As a resident of Regional School Unit No.5 (RSU No.5 Durham-Freeport-Pownal) or a non-resident of RSU No.5 whose child may attend a private school in RSU No.5, you are notified that you are entitled to certain rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act 2007.

Under Federal Law and State Regulations, RSU No.5 is responsible for locating, indentifying and evaluating all resident students in public school or home school settings, and all resident and non-resident students in private school settings who are , or may be in need of special education services.  This responsibility is called 'CHILDFIND' and includes this notification.

If you are a parent of a resident student in public schools or home school settings, or resident or non-resident student in private school settings, or you know of any resident student in public school settings who does or may have a disability which may require special education, please contact Bonnie Violette Director of Instructional Support at 865-0928, extension 227, or the principal of your local public school.  RSU No. 5 will initiate a referral process for an individual comprehensive evaluation to determine whether the student is eligible to receive special education.

All contacts are kept strictly confidential.


  • Lana O'Shea, English as a Second Language(ESL) Teacher 865-6361
  • Sara Holt, English as a Second Language(ESL) Teacher, 865-4561

RSU5's English as a Second Language(ESL) program is designed to address the language needs of students who have either moved here from another country, or whose family speaks another language at home.  Our program is based on the principle that students learn best in the regular classroom.  These students, English Language Learners(ELL), benefit from both access to meaningful interactions with peers during the school day through mainstream classes and recess/lunch, but also from direct instruction from a specialist, as needed, to provide sheltered instruction that not only teachers English, but also the core subjects.

In addition to working with students, our ESL program helps keep the families of our ELL informed in a language they understand.  We provide interpreters and translated documents where needed for families.  Our goal is for our students and their families to become an integral and vital part of our community.