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Aspirations and LL Bean Grants

Dede Bennell
School, Community & Aspirations Resource Coordinator

RSU 5 Student Aspiration Partnership

Our purpose is to establish and facilitate ongoing partnerships that will advocate
and plan for higher personal expectations, improved personal and
academic performance, and a broadened sense of career, education and
life choices.  We currently achieve this mission through 
school based mentoring program, service learning projects, guest speakers, community out reach and Aspirations Grants, funded and awarded by LL Bean,
for new initiatives within the schools that raise student aspirations.

Steering Committee:  The Aspirations Partnership Steering Committee is comprised of parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the superintendent.    We help recruit mentors,  support service projects, and review Aspirations grants.  We welcome new members and new ideas for ways we can best raise the aspirations of the students in RSU 5.  

Contact: Dede Bennell, Service Learning and Aspirations Coordinator  865-4706 x307 


The Community Connection Mentoring Program serves students in grades 3-12. We would like to call attention to the profound difference the mentors in our community are making in the lives of our youth. Kind, caring adults who volunteer their time to support, encourage and challenge young people inspire all of us to give back. Mentors help young people to build confidence, make connections in their communities and become more successful in school.                                                  

We read stories in the paper about successful businessmen, competitive athletes and inspiring teachers, and one thing they often have in common is a mentor who guided them along the way. Most of us can probably think of at least one adult we looked up to when we were young, someone who believed in us.

The need is great for more mentors for students in grades 3-12! We ask mentors to commit to mentoring an hour a week, while school is in session, for the duration of the school year.  No special skills or training are required, just the ability to be a good listener.  We thank all of the caring, committed mentors for their dedication and energy and urge more adults to get involved. For information about becoming a mentor, please contact Dede Bennell, RSU5 Student Aspirations Coordinator, at  To submit an application, follow this link: