Welcome to the Millie Pettengill Library at Mast Landing School

Julia Colvin, library teacher -
Tracy Soloway, library assistant -

Library phone: 865-4561 x256

Welcome:  We have an excellent library and are very proud of our collection.  Our collection includes books, music CDs and age-appropriate websites.  

Catalog:  Our library catalog is available online both at school and at home.  From the Mast Landing Home page, click on the Library tab, and then click on Library Catalog. Feel free to bookmark it.

Hours: Your child is encouraged to use the library at any time, not just with his class.  Your child may come to the library before school, during snack, lunch, recess and during the school day.

Classes:  Classes come to the Library with their classroom teacher when the classroom teacher believes the library and the librarian's expertise in reading, writing and research can benefit their classroom studies.  Library time at Mast Last Landing is directly tied to the classroom curriculum.  Some teachers bring their classes weekly for lessons, others every other week, some come just when they are engaged in a research project, but they may come to library every day for two weeks.  

Borrowing Books:  Your child may borrow three recreational reading books at a time.  When he/she is working on a research unit, he/she may check-out an additional three books on a subject assigned by his/her teacher.  Your child may borrow books for up to two weeks.  The due dates are stamped in each book.  If a book is overdue, damaged or lost, your child may not take any more books until the overdue book is returned or the lost or damaged books are paid for.  It may help prevent damaged books if you put a plastic bag in your child’s backpack and encourage him/her to keep the library book there.

Volunteering for the Library:  Do you have some time to give?  We are eager to have parent volunteers participate in our library program.  Volunteers help by shelving books, assisting children in finding books and in other valuable ways.  We could particularly use some help during the busy lunch recess period.  We welcome your contribution.

Library Pages:  Fourth and fifth grade students may volunteer to become Library Pages.  Pages help in the Library either before school or during lunch recess once a week.  Pages check in and out books, shelve books and help other students.  To become a Library Page students must sign up by completing an application form which needs to be signed by the student, his parent and his principal.  We love our Library Pages!

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