Lynett Larkins-Silva is our school nurse.

Comprehensive program for health promotion, disease and injury prevention, health education, and interaction within a healthful environment.

  • Health records maintained on all children.
  • Please call the school office or send a note to your child's teacher to explain all absences. 
  • In case of illnesses or injury during school, your child will be assessed by the nurse or designated school personnel. 
  • Parents will be notified if a child requires medical attention or dismissal. 
  • Current phone numbers must be on file so a parent or available local family/friend can be contacted in an emergency.

Immunizations are required according to state law.

  • Contagious diseases (chicken pox, conjunctivitis, impetigo, mononucleosis, lice, ringworm, scabies, strep throat, etc.) must be reported to manage school wide infection.

No aspirin or nonprescription drugs will be dispensed by the school.

  • School policy states that if under exceptional circumstances a child's prescription medication is required during school hours, the nurse or designee will supervise the child self-administering the medication.
  • A parent must sign and provide the name and propose of the medication, exact dosage, time to be administered, termination date, possible side effects, and physician's name and prescribed dose.

Physical exams by a physician and a health history are required for students entering kindergarten.

  • Any known health problems should be reported to the nurse.
  • The information is handled confidentially to ensure the child's needs will be addressed or anticipated. 
  • Counseling and education on health related problems is provided to students, families and staff.

Parents and schools share a common goal to promote lifelong health for all children.

  • Our support and educational efforts can help them learn to make responsible decisions and develop daily health habits for exercise, nutrition, rest, safety and personal growth.
  • We ask that you refrain from sending candy, soda, gum or highly sugared foods to school with your child. 
  • Your interest and cooperation are appreciated.
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