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RSU 5 Mission: To inspire and support every learner by challenging minds, building character, sparking creativity, and nurturing passions.

RSU 5 Vision:

Our Students: In RSU 5, learners become healthy, empathetic, and responsible citizens who contribute to their local and global communities. Students are creative problem solvers and critical thinkers who communicate effectively in an evolving world.

Our Learning: RSU 5 responds to individual needs and prepares students to thrive in their personal and professional lives. Learning is personalized to challenge students and explore their passions. Students choose from a variety of diverse and engaging experiences, including opportunities for active, experiential, real-world learning.

Our Culture/Community: In RSU 5, students learn in joyful environments that are physically and emotionally safe. The school culture fosters well-being, respect, and curiosity while challenging students with clearly defined and rigorous expectations. Partnerships involving parents and community inspire and support enriched learning for all students.

Students graduate as compassionate, honest, and respectful citizens who learn and contribute to their communities for life.

District News

2019 Graduation Ceremony
BVR Results - FY20 Budget Passed

June 11, 2019 Election Results

FY'20 Budget Passed  
Yes Votes: 553
No Votes: 266

Breakdown by Town
Durham: Yes: 85   No: 72
Freeport: Yes: 333   No: 98
Pownal: Yes: 135  No: 96

Article 2: Continue BVR Process
Yes Votes: 613    
No Votes: 199

Durham: Yes: 121   No: 34
Freeport: Yes: 318   No: 109
Pownal: Yes: 174  No: 56

Superintendent's Community Newsletter

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