Freeport Middle School

Principal: Ray Grogan

Phone 207-865-6051
Fax  207-865-2902

Freeport Middle School hours are 7:40am to 2:10pm.

The first bell rings at 7:38am. This is a 2 minute warning to students to go to their 1st period class. The second bell which rings at 7:40am designates the beginning of the school day. At this time all students must be in their 1st period class or they will be considered tardy and will be required to sign in at the office.

The bell rings at 2:10pm to indicate the end of the school day.

School News

September 30, 2016 Newsletter
PowerSchool Grading

Freeport Middle School is always looking to get better in what we do as a building.  We are always looking to improve our lessons, units, instruction and curriculum.  Over the past six years we have all been working to improve student learning. 

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