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Mast Landing School serves students in grades 3 – 5 and is located off Bow Street in Freeport. The school is ideally located. It borders the Quarry Woods and Wetlands Preserve, which is managed by the Freeport Conservation Trust. Students and staff have access to 1.5 miles of walking trails. These trails are used throughout the school year, even during winter when students snow shoe during their physical education classes. Access to this nature preserve provides rich, hands on experiences for the students outside the classroom.

There are many reasons to celebrate at Mast Landing. First, the Mast Landing music program is outstanding. This past year, over 60% of the fifth graders played in the band and more than 50% of the fourth and fifth grade students sang in the chorus.

 Another cause for celebration is the outstanding number of students who participate in the Maine Student Book Award incentive program. This year over 60% of the students participated reading a total of over 1,000 books.

We are also proud of our community partnerships not only with the Freeport Conservation Trust, but also with Wolfe’s Neck Farm (our third grades go to Farm School in the spring), the Freeport Historical Society and Freeport Community Services.

A spring highlight is when our fifth graders journey to Boston as part of their study of the Revolutionary War. And last but not least, the Mast Landing math team has a strong history of success at the regional math meets.

This year we have a new school structure in place. We have four 3rd grade classooms located in the former Harraseeket wing. We have five 4th and five 5th grade classrooms located in the other two wings of the school. The restructuring was the result of a two year process in which the entire school community reworked our school vision. The new structure provides opportunities for a given grade level to have shared common experiences and academic expectations.

Mast Landing is proud of its students and staff. The students are involved and engaged in their learning and have fun at school. The staff is committed to their work and is highly skilled. Students are the focus and the staff provides a safe and nurturing learning environment while at the same time assuring that all students meet their potential.

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