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June 4-8, 2018
Freeport Middle School

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Week of June 4-8, 2018

Monday - 6/4 3A

Tuesday - 6/5 1B

Wednesday - 6/6 2A

Thursday - 6/7 3B

Friday - 6/8 1A



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JMG - Celebration

6/7 6:00pm FMS Cafeteria

Spring Sports Award

6/12 6:30pm FMS

Dirty Thirties Presentations

6/18 6:30pm FMS

Dirty Thirties Luncheon

6/19 11:30-12:15 FMS

8th Celebration

6/21 6:30pm FMS




The Freeport Middle School is preparing the 8th graders for an amazing learning experience. Our students will study the Great Depression era. They will collaborate to produce videos depicting the various aspects of the lives of people who lived during 1930’s. It will be a creative and rewarding process.

Let us join our efforts to enrich the students’ experiences with a luncheon at the end of their project. This luncheon will provide food choices that represent the Dirty 30’s with recipes for dishes that might have been served during this era. We need all hands-on board for this meal that will be offered to the 8th-grade teacher team and students.
We need parents to prepare, bring to school and serve the food to the students at lunch time (11:30-12:15) on 06/19/18. Depression-era aprons will be available for the parents who wish to serve. The entire serving portion of the luncheon will last just under an hour, but the setup and break down will be somewhat longer.
Please select your volunteering preference at: 


A MESSAGE FROM JMG - Ms. Harrison~

On June 7th at 6:00Pm in the FMS cafeteria, JMG students will be having their Closing Ceremony. This is an evening where students get to share with their friends and family their accomplishments from the year in JMG.

Students are to dress nicely for this event- just like with sports awards. We ask that students don't wear jeans, sweats, t-shirts, hats etc. If a student does not have any clothes please let me know!

After the ceremony refreshments will be available. If you/your child are able to sign up for something, please sign up using the link below.




BCS Band Schedule 6/4-6/8*
Monday: 6th grade jazz band
Tuesday: 7/8 Band
Wednesday: 7/8 Jazz Band
Thursday: 7/8 Jazz saxophone sectional
Friday: 7/8 Band performs for school during BCS
*daily lessons as usual



In order to provide everyone with the most accurate and updated information as well as team schedules, you can visit the RSU5 website and click on departments/Athletics. 

Please note if you have a student currently participating in a spring sport you should be connected to the Team Snap app.  If you are not, please contact the FMS office.  The most up to date schedules/Practices can be found on Team Snap.  



GAME CLUB~ Mondays 2:15-3:30pm


ART CLUB ~ Thursday 2:15-3:00pm Art Room



Don't forget!  JMG has a bottle collection area in the bus roundabout.  We appreciate your donations to our program! 


BoxTops & Campbell Soup Labels~

We would love your donations if you have them! 



Drink Coffee = Help Our Kids

Crossroads Coffee Beans and the PTC have partnered to bring the best local coffee.


Visit crossroadscoffeebeans.com/freeportmiddleschool

Coffee can be delivered free right to the school or shipped anywhere (additional charges may apply).




Friday, June 8, 2018



The Frantastic 5k Run/Walk

Saturday, June 9th, 9am  Winslow Park, Freeport, ME  

1st 50 Participants get a FREE T-shirt!

Proceeds go to Freeport Community Services’ Food Pantry

Registration:  $20 online, $25 day of

Participants are encouraged to bring non-perishable food items

Register NOW! At runinarace.com



The Freeport boys and girls high school tennis teams would like to inform RSU5 staff and students about our (newish) annual fundraiser. This is our second year hosting the doubles tournament and, if you're into playing tennis or just having some wholesome fun whilst jamming out to a SWEET playlist, would love for you to consider joining us the weekend of June 23rd.
We understand that many of you may have plans already in place, but are offering many prizes from local businesses and a great raffle (3 month membership to Portland Racket and Fitness Club). 
As a lesser known sports program here at FHS we are working hard to build our vision of what is to come from both teams. Lend a hand in making that a reality by finding a partner and signing up on THIS GOOGLE FORM.  More tournament details can be found on the Google Form. 
Thanks for the support and don't forget to catch Jay Harper and the boys tennis team this Spring as they make a run at home towards a Class B State Championship. 
FHS Tennis


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