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Nursing Office Reminders

Please remember to complete the Student Health History. This is done every year for each student. If you have already given us a copy of your child’s immunization record then we do not need a new one, unless you have recent boosters or new immunizations etc. that you would like us to have on file.

It is a requirement for all 6th grade students & all Transfer Students to have a physical exam by a medical provider upon entering the 6th grade. If you did not provide an updated physical in 6th grade please do so this year. This is different than the athletic permission form.

Medications should be given at home when possible. In the event your child requires medicine at school you need to complete the medication permission form and bring the medicine in the original bottle (this will serve as the medical providers signature).   

For over the counter medicines; our policy states a medical provider must prescribe these medications in order for them to be given at school. If your child has a condition that warrants over the counter medicine frequently please speak with your provider to obtain a prescription to help us comply with this policy. These also need to come to school in original containers.

Medical/Allergy Plans need to be updated each year. If your child has a medical condition or severe allergy that requires a health plan please speak with your provider to obtain an updated plan each school year.  If we don't have an updated form for your child, we can not use the plan from the previous year.  We will assume your child no longer has the need for the plan.

Please remember that both you and your provider need to complete the self-carry portion of the medication permission form and sign it in order for your child to carry medications such as an inhaler and/or epi-pen during school.

If your child has exemption on file for immunizations, the state law mandates this be completed each year. 


Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

Angela D. Sclar
Freeport Middle School Nurse
Phone:  865-6051   Ext. 130
Fax:  865-2902

Asthma School Plan (pdf)
Immunization Exemption Form
Seizure Action Plan (pdf)
Medication Permission Form (doc)
Pertussis FMS CDC Parent Letter (pdf)
Pertussis in Schools FAQ (pdf)
Pertussis Fact Sheet (pdf)
Make It Your Business to Fight the Flu (doc)
FLU Clinic SLVC Health Screen Permission Form (pdf)
SLVC 2012/13 VIS Flu Live (pdf)
SLVC 2012/13 VIS Flu Live (pdf)
Allergy Plan (pdf)
Health History Form
Physical & Athletic Form


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