Table of Contents/Policy and Procedure Index



AC-Nondiscrimination: Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.pdf

ACA-Gender Neutral Language.pdf

ACAA-Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students.pdf

ACAA-R-Student Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure.pdf

ACAB-Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees.pdf

ACAB-R-Employee Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure.pdf


AD-Educational Mission and Vision.pdf

ADA-School System Goals and Objectives.pdf

ADAA-School System Commitment to Standards for Ethical and Responsible Behavior.pdf

ADC-Tobacco Use and Possession.pdf

ADF-School District Commitment to Learning Results.pdf

AEC-Accountability-Reporting to the Public.pdf



BB - School Board Legal Status.pdf

BBA - Board of Directors Powers and Responsibilities.pdf

BBAA - Board of Directors Member Authority and Responsibilities.pdf

BBAB - Board Self-Evaluation.pdf

BBBA - Board of Directors Member Qualifications.pdf

BBBDA - Board of Directors-Declared Vacancy Caused By Absenteeism.pdf

BBBE- Unexpired Term Fulfillment:Vacancies.pdf

BCA - Board of Directors Member Code of Ethics.pdf

BCB - Board of Directors Conflict of Interest.pdf

BCC - Nepotism.pdf

BCE-Board Committees (Finance).pdf

BCF-Advisory Committees to the Board.pdf

BDA-Board of Directors Organizational Meeting.pdf

BDB-Board of Directors Officers.pdf

BDD-Board of Directors-Superintendent Relationship.pdf

BDE-Board of Directors Standing Committees.pdf

BDF-Board of Directors Advisory Committees.pdf

BDG-School Attorney:Legal Services.pdf

BE-Board of Directors Meetings.pdf

BEA-Board of Directors Use of Electronic Mail.pdf

BEC-Executive Session.pdf

BEC-E-Executive Session Law.pdf

BEDA-Notification of Board of Directors Meetings.pdf

BEDB-Agenda .pdf

BEDBA-Agenda Format.pdf

BEDC - Quorum.pdf

BEDD-Rules of Order.pdf

BEDF-Voting Method.pdf



BEDH-Public Participation at Board of Directors Meetings.pdf

BEDI-Board of Directors Relations with the Media.pdf

BEDJ-Broadcasting:Taping of Board of Directors Meetings By the Public.pdf

BEDL-Adjournment of Board Meetings.pdf

BG-Board of Directors Policy Process.pdf

BG-R-Policy Adoption Procedure.pdf

BHC-Board of Directors Communications with Staff.pdf

BIA-New Board of Directors Member Orientation.pdf

BIB-Board of Directors Member Development Opportunities.pdf

BIC-Board of Directors Member Freedom of Access Training .pdf

BIC-E-Certification of Completion of Freedom of Access Training.pdf

BID - Board Member Compensation and Expenses.pdf



CA-Administrative Goals:Priorities Objectives.pdf

CB-School Superintendent.pdf

CBI - Evaluation - Superintendent of Schools.pdf

CC-Administrative Organization.pdf

CCA-Organizational Chart.pdf

CHA-Development of Administrative Procedures.pdf

CHD-Administration in the Absence of Policy.pdf



DA-Fiscal Management goals: Priority Objectives.pdf

DB-Annual Budget.pdf

DBG-Budget Adoption Process.pdf

DFF-Student Activities Funds.pdf

DI-Fiscal Reporting.pdf


DIE-Audits: Financial Monitoring.pdf

DJ-Bidding:Purchasing Requirements.pdf

DJC-Petty Cash Accounts.pdf
DJH-Purchasing and Contracting: Procurement Staff Code of Conduct

DLB-Tax Sheltered Annuities.pdf

DM-Cash in School Buildings.pdf

DN-School Properties Disposition.pdf

DO-Approval for New Programs.pdf



EB-Environmental and Safety Program.pdf

EBAA-Chemical Hazards.pdf

EBCA-Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.pdf

EBCB-Emergency Evacuation Drills.pdf

EBCC-Bomb Threats.pdf

EBCF - Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).pdf


ECB-Pest Management in School Facilities and on School Grounds.pdf

EEA-Student Transportation Services.pdf

EEAEA-Student Transportation Employee Requirements Training and Responsibilities.pdf

EEAEAA-Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drivers.pdf

EEAEF-Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles.pdf

EEBA-Van Use.pdf

EEBB-Use of Private Vehicles on School Business.pdf

EFBA-Menu Development:Options-Offer VS. Serve Lunch Concept.pdf

EFC-Free and Reduced Price Food Services.pdf

EFC-R-Free and Reduced Price Food Services Procedures

EFE-Competitive Food Sales-Sales of Foods in Competition with the School Food Service Program.pdf

EGAD-Copyright Compliance.pdf

EGAD-R-Copyright Compliance Administrative Procedure.pdf

EHB-Records Management.pdf



FF-Naming Facilities.pdf



GAB-Job Descriptions.pdf

GBCC-Employee Use of Cell Phones.pdf

GBEBB-Staff Conduct with Students.pdf

GBEC-Drug Free Workplace.pdf

GBGAA-Bloodborne Pathogens.pdf

GBGE-Return to Work and Light-Duty Assignments.pdf

GBJ-Personnel Records and Files.pdf

GBJC - Retention of Application Material.pdf

GBN - Family and Medical Leave.pdf

GBO-Family Care Leave.pdf

GCF-Professional Staff Hiring.pdf

GCFB-Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff.pdf

GCFB-R-Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff-Procedures.pdf

GCG-Teacher and Educational Technician Substitute Policy.pdf

GCI-Professional Staff Development Opportunities.pdf

GCK-Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers.pdf

GCMA-Instructional Staff Planning Time.pdf

GCOA-Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Staff.pdf

GCOC-Evaluation of Administrative Staff.pdf

GCQC-Resignation of School Unit Employees.pdf

GCQCA-School Unit Employee References.pdf

GCQCA-E-Authorization to Disclose Information:Release of Claims:Indemnity.pdf

GCRD-Private Tutoring For Pay.pdf

GCSA-Employee Computer and Internet Use.pdf

GCSA-R-Employee Computer and Internet Use Rules.pdf

GDO-Evaluation of Support Staff.pdf





IGA-Curriculum Development and Adoption copy.pdf

IHA-Basic Instructional Program.pdf
IHBA-Individualized Education Programs.pdf

IHBAA-Referral and General Education Interventions .pdf

IHBAC-Child Find.pdf

IHBAI-Special Education Independent Evaluation Policy

IHBAL-Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities.pdf

IHBEA-Program for Limited English Proficient Students.pdf

IHBEA-R - RSU No. 5 LAU Plan

IHBG-Home Schooling.pdf

IHBGA-Home Schooling - Participation in School Programs.pdf

IHBGB-Model Supplemental Statement of Rights For Private School Students with Disabilities

IHCDA-Post-Secondary Enrollment Options.pdf
IIB-Class Size

IJJ-Instructional and Library-Media Materials Selection.pdf

IJJ-E-Citizen's Challenge of Educational Media Form.pdf

IJNDB-Student Technology, Internet Use, and Internet Safety.pdf

IJNDB-R Student Technology, Internet Use, and Internet Safety Rules

IJNDC-School System Website:Web Pages.pdf

IJOA-Field Trips and Other Student Travel.pdf

IJOC-School Volunteers.pdf

IK-Student Achievement/Evaluation of Student Achievement.pdf

IKAB-Grading and Reporting System.pdf


IKC-Academic Achievement.pdf

IKE-Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration of Students.pdf

IKF-Graduation Requirements.pdf

IKFA-Early Graduation.pdf

IKFB-Graduation Exercises.pdf

IKFC-Credit for Private Tutoring.pdf

ILA-Student Assessment.pdf

ILD-Educational Research.pdf

IMBB-Exemption from Required Instruction.pdf

IMGA-Service Animals in Schools.pdf



JCA - Assignment to Schools.pdf

JEA-Compulsory Attendance.pdf

JFAA-Admission of Resident Students.pdf

JFAB-Admission of Non-resident Students.pdf

JFABD-Admission of Homeless Students.pdf

JFC-Dropout Prevention Student Withdrawal from School.pdf

JGAA-Assignment of Students to Classes-Five-Year Olds.pdf

JGAB-Assignment to Classes Transfer and Home Schooling Students.pdf


JHCA-Open:Closed Campus.pdf

JHCB-Release Time for Religious Instruction.pdf

JIC-System-Wide Student Code of Conduct.pdf

JICC-Student Conduct on School Buses.pdf

JICH-Drug and Alcohol Use by Students.pdf

JICIA-Weapons, Violence, and School Safety.pdf


JICK-R-Bullying-Administrative Procedure.pdf

JICK-E1-RSU No. 5 Bullying Report Form.pdf

JICK-E2-RSU No. 5 Bullying Investigation Form.pdf

JICK-E3-Documentation of Disciplinary and Remedial Actions Taken.pdf

JICK-E4-Bullying Reporting, Investigation and Intervention:Resolution Process.pdf

JIH-Questioning and Searches of Students.pdf

JIH-R-Questioning and Searches of Students Administrative Procedure.pdf

JJ-Extracurricular Activities.pdf

JJAB-Student Groups-Limited Open:Closed Forum.pdf

JJE -Student Fundraising Activities.pdf

JJIAA-Private School Students-Access to Public School CoCurricular, Interscholastic and ExtraCurricular Activities.pdf

JJIAA-E1-Private School Student Application for Participation in RSU5 CoCurricular Activities.pdf

JJIAA-E2-Private Schol Student Application For Participation In Extracurricular Activities.pdf

JJIAA-E3-Verification of Private School Student Eligibility For Participation in RSU5 CoCurricular Activities.pdf

JJIAA-E4 Verification of Private School Student Eligibility For Participation in RSU5 ExtraCurricular Activities.pdf

JJIB-Sponsorship and Evaluation of Athletic Programs.pdf

JJIF-Management of Concussions and Other Head Injuries copy.pdf

JJIF-E-Concussion Information Sheet.pdf

JK-Student Discipline.pdf

JKAA Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion.pdf

JKAA-R-Procedures on Physical Restraint and Seclusion.pdf

JKB-Detention of Students.pdf

JKD-Suspension of Students.pdf

JKE-Expulsion of Students.pdf

JKE-R-Expulsion Guidelines.pdf

JKF-Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities.pdf

JKF-R-Removal of Students with Disabilities

JL-Student Wellness.pdf

JLCB-Immunization of Students.pdf

JLCC-Communicable/Infectious Diseases.pdf

JLCD-Administration of Medication to Students.pdf

JLCDA-Medical Marijuana in Schools

JLCDA-R-Medical Marijuana in Schools Administering Marijuana to Students

JLCDA-E-Parent/Medical Provider Request to Administer Medical Marijuana at School

JLCE-First Aid and Emergency Medical Care.pdf

JLCEE-Life-Sustaining Emergency Care.pdf

JLDBG-Reintegration of Students from Juvenile Correctional Facilities.pdf

JLF-Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect copy.pdf


JLFA-Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response

JLIB-Student Dismissal Precautions.pdf

JRA-Student Education Records and Information.pdf



KB-Parent Involvement in Education.pdf

KBF-Parent Involvement in Title I.pdf

KDA-Public Information Program.pdf

KDB-Public's Right To Know:Freedom of Access.pdf

KE-Public Concerns and Complaints.pdf

KEB-Complaints About School Personnel .pdf

KF-Community Use of School Facilities.pdf

KHB-Advertising in the Schools.pdf

KI-Visitors to the Schools.pdf

KLG -Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities.pdf

KLG-R-Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities Administrative Procedure.pdf



LDA-Student Teaching and Internships.pdf

Procedures and Forms

A - Foundations and Basic Commitments


ADC-R Tobacco Procedure.pdf




EBAA-R - Chemical Hygiene Plan 

ECB-R1-Sample Notice of Planned Pesticide Application

ECB-R2-Pest Management Notification

EEAEAA-R - Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drivers Administrative Procedure.pdf
EEBA-R-Van Driver Information Administrative Procedure.pdf

EEBA-E - Van Use Request Form.pdf




GBGAA-E1 Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination Form.pdf

GBGAA-E2-Consent to be Tested for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Antibodies.pdf

GBN-R1 - Federal Family and Medical Leave Administrative Procedure

GBN-R2 - Maine Family and Medical Leave Administrative Procedure
GCFB-R1-Reference Checking Questions.pdf
GCG-R-Substitute Personnel Administrative Procedures.pdf
GCSA-E - Employee Computer/Internet Use Acknowledgment Form



IHBAA-R-Referral Procedures and General Education Interventions

IHBEA-E1-Home Language Survey
IHBEA-E2 Lau Plan Appendix II Individual Language Acquisition Plan.pdf

IJNDB-E Student Technology, Internet Use, and Internet Safety Acknowledgment Form.pdf
IJOA-R-Other Student Travel Procedures.pdf
IJOC-R-School Volunteer Application



JFAA-E-Student Registration Form
JHCA-R Open Campus
JLCD-E Request/Permission to Administer Medication in School
JLCD-E1-Medication Error Report
JLCE-E-Student Accident Report
JLF-E-Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect Form
JRA-R-Student Education Records.pdf

JRA-E-FERPA Notice.pdf

Student Health History

Annual Health History Update

Protocol and Standing Order for the Treatment of Anaphylaxis by Licensed Nursing Personnel

Physician Standing Orders for Licensed Nursing Personnel




KF-R-School Facilities Rate Chart
KF-R1-Guidelines for the Freeport Performing Arts Center
KF-R2-Guidelines for School Use of the Freeport Performing Arts Center

KF-E-Facility/Building Use Application

KF-E1-Field/Grounds Use Application

Guidelines for the Use of the Joan Benoit-Samuelson Track and Field


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