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Raymond Grogan
Principal - Freeport Middle


We have now completed two weeks of school and are in full swing.  The kids are doing some great things in the classroom!  Your child should also be bringing some homework home each night.  The sixth graders are truly experiencing middle school and will get to further see the full middle school experience with the first social tonight. The 7th graders are off and running to a strong start. And our 8th graders are starting their school year on the ropes course during their flex classes.  


Our first PTC meeting is Tuesday, September 18th at 6:30pm.  Wednesday night is our 6th grade technology and Kieve information night.  If you are new to the RSU district and are the parent of a 7th or 8th grader you should also plan to attend the technology information night.  The technology meeting is a state requirement for all parents prior to your child being able take laptops home.  If you have attended this meeting for an older child, you do not have to attend again.


Our transportation department is working on improving the bus drop off and pick up times.  The goal is to have all buses arrive between 7:30 and 7:35.  After 7:32, if there are no buses in the bus circle, parents can drop off in either circle to help the flow move faster for parents.  The recommended parent drop off time is 7:30-7:35


Students should be in their advisory class before 7:40. Any student arriving after 7:40 will be marked tardy.  Once a student has received their 5th tardy (of the trimester) they will receive a detention to be served during lunch and recess.  Each additional tardy of the trimester will result in a detention.  Once we begin a new trimester all tardys are set to zero and they will not have to serve detention until they have accumulated 5 again.


7th graders are starting to take their laptops home now.  This is one of the advantages of looping, teachers are able to get into the curriculum quicker in the second year.  8th grade students will start to take computers home in the next couple of weeks.


Teachers are starting to enter grades into PowerSchool.  When you log into PowerSchool you will see the quick look screen with your students classes and any grades that have been entered.  The parent log in for PowerSchool is the same as last year, if you have lost or forgot your username or password, please call the middle school office.  All 7th and 8th grade students have their log in info.  6th grade students will receive theirs next week.


Lastly, next Thursday, we have planned a Code Red lockdown drill.  Staff members will work with students to let them know what is expected.





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